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1. Delhi India
2. Amsterdam Netherlands
3. London United kingdom
4. Edinburgh United kingdom
5. Jeddah Saudi arabia
6. Cape Town South africa
7. Beijing China
8. Phuket Thailand
9. Colombo Sri lanka
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Use to find cheap flights for your next trip is a free price comparison web site that searches thousands of travel agent and airline systems for cheap flights to worldwide destinations. You can plan and monitor your trip and flight ticket prices with and compare them with those of our connected travel agents and airlines. We do not sell flight tickets but we do you let you compare the price of flight tickets and help you find the best deals. You cannot book flight tickets at, but you can with our connected travel agents and airlines.

How does work? has contracted thousands of travel agents and airlines to our service and when you search for great deals with us we send them a request for flight ticket prices and availability information. Within a matter of seconds they respond to this request and you get to compare the cheapest and best deals.

Can you trust us?

Yes. The suppliers connected to our system are governed by a contract with us as regards the payment method they use and what requirements we have of their customer services. We operate comparison services in eight countries worldwide and our users conduct millions of searches for flight tickets and bookings every month. We aim to help you find the cheapest flight tickets and best deals possible and we only work with suppliers who meet with our high standards.

Price and price information

When you perform a search on we send a request to our connected suppliers to provide flight ticket price and availability on the route you requested. This procedure takes a couple of seconds as we have thousands of connected suppliers who have to respond to this requests simultaneously. It is incumbent upon our suppliers that the flight ticket prices and availability that they respond with, and appear on your screen, are bookable as and when your performed the search.

Flight ticket price are set according to ‘dynamic pricing’ and can change rapidly, based on supply and demand. It may happen that a trip or flight ticket become unavailable because they have been sold during the ongoing booking process.

When is the best time to book cheap flight tickets?

Generally speaking you should book as early as is possible if you find a cheap flight ticket. Flight ticket prices vary greatly between airlines and routes because of season and time. Dynamic pricing also causes prices to increase and decrease – being based on supply and demand. We save the millions of price comparisons made via our service every month and make them available on We are asked frequently why some fares can rise in price in a matter of hours. What happens is that when other users search for a find cheap flight tickets and find them, they start booking at that price and the price rises.

Bargain bin fares and fluctuating prices

Plan your next trip with Use our advanced search functions to plan your trip and find the cheapest trips and best deals. Search for a flight ticket first and use the Price cutter and Price calendar functions for the best and cheapest flights. Monitor prices by using the PriceAlert function and we will notify you by email when the flight ticket reaches it’s lowest level. You can even enter the price you want to pay and when it gets there we will send you an email. Share information with family and friends using the social sharing functions and let them book cheap flight tickets too.

  • Use to find cheap flights for your next trip
  • How does work?
  • Can you trust us?
  • Price and price information
  • When is the best time to book cheap flight tickets?
  • Bargain bin fares and fluctuating prices