Use PriceAlert to check flight prices to your chosen destination. When the price hits the amount you want to pay you’ll receive an automatic email from PriceAlert.

How to use PriceAlert

  • Edit your search and complete the search box.
  • Click on 'Activate PriceAlert' and add your email address.
  • When we find a search that matches your requirements you will receive an email with details of the trip.
  • You can discontinue the price alert at any time via the emails you receive from PriceAlert.
  • Your price alerts are saved at in this web browser. Use the emails we send you to get the history and make changes to your price alerts.
  • Please note: Price alerts on popular destination, where the prices are set at high levels, can generate a large number of emails because our system will identify a lot of trips.
  • Each price alert generates five emails. You then have to give your approval that the price alert is to continue.
  • If you have lost your email with the link, click on the button below.